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Notice Extraordinary General Meeting Shareholder





Board of Directors of the Company hereby invite shareholders of the Company to attend Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholder (Meeting), which will be held on:


Day/Date                       :  Friday, June 18th 2021;

Time                             :  13.00 WIB- finish;

Place                             :   Noble House Building 39th floor

Jalan Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav E4.2 RT 5/RW 2, Kuningan, Kuningan

Timur, Kecamatan Setiabudi, Kota Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta.


The Agenda of Annual General Meeting Shareholders are as follows :

  1. Change of the Company Board

Explanation  :  This Agenda is a change of Board Commissioner composition according to the Company Article Association and applicable regulation.


  1. The Company will not issue separate invitation to the Shareholders and this notice will be deemed as the invitation.
  2. The Shareholders whom registered in the list of Company Shareholders on May 25th 2021 until 16.00 WIB will be entitled to attend or be represented in Meeting.
  3. The Shareholders or its attorney have to provide to the registration officer, original KTUR, copy of ID card or other valid identification before entering the Meeting room. For Shareholders in form of legal entity shall submit a copy of articles of association and last amendment and the latest deed from the appointment Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners.
  4. The Shareholders who are unable to attend the Meeting directly can be represented by its attorney, the Company provides 2 (two) types of Power of Attorney :
    • Electronic Power of Attorney, through Electronic General Meeting System KSEI (eASY KSEI) which is provide by KSEI as part of the e-proxy mechanism in conducting the Meeting, the facility is available from invitation date until 1 (one) business day before the Meeting.
    • Conventional Power of Attorney, the form of Power of Attorney is available on the Company website which provision the original Power of Attorney and copy id of shareholders shall have been received by the Company through PT Adimitra Jasa Korpora as the Company’s Share Administration Bureau (BAE), having its office at Kirana Boutique Office Blok F3 No 5, Jalan Kirana Avenue III, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara phone: 02129745222 no later than 3 (three) business day before Meeting.
  5. The Company strongly encourages Shareholders to grant Power of Attorney to an independent party, who has appointed by the Company to represent the Shareholders to attend and vote at the Meeting. The independent party who has been appointed by the Company is the Company BAE, PT Adimitra Jasa Korpora, through eASY KSEI.
  6. The Shareholders or its attorney which will attend the Meeting required to :
    • Complete and sign the Covid-19 Form which can be downloaded on the Company’s website and sent to the Company via e-mail:;
    • Below 37,3° C for body temperature;
    • Applying physical distancing, Meeting Participants must bring and use hand sanitizers and recommend the Shareholders and Meeting participants not to shake hands or in any other way not touch each other directly;
    • Shareholders or its attorney who come to the location must wear a mask;
    • If Shareholders or its attorney have :
      1. Above 37,3° C for body temperature ;
      2. health problems such as flu, cough/fever/sore throat/shortness of breath (although it has a body temperature below 37,3° C);
      3. based on healthy declaration, has a high risk to be infected Covid-19.

Company has a right to:

1.prohibits the Shareholders or its attorney to attend the                                    Meeting;

2.ask the Shareholders or its attorney to leave the Meeting                                  room and/or the building immediately;

3.implementing the important things in accordance with

the health protocol.

7. Shareholders who have come to the location prohibited from attending and entering the Meeting room for the reasons in point 6 i, ii, and/or iii, may still exercise their rights by granting power of attorney (to attend and use their voting rights) to the independent representative appointed by the Company (BAE representative) or other party appointed by Shareholders, by signing power of attorney provided by the Company in the Meeting area.

8.  The Company does not provide food and drinks, masks, hand sanitizers or other goody bags.

9.Materials of the Meeting can be download at the Company’s website

10. Shareholders or its attorney are kindly requested to be present 30 minutes before the Meeting started. Registration will be closed at 13.00 (West Indonesia Time).


Jakarta, May 27th  2021

PT Rockfields Properti Indonesia Tbk

Board Of Directors

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